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Master's Programs

Loyola now offers an M.A. in Health Law & Administration and an M.A. in Environmental Law!  These degrees are designed to prepare non-lawyers for career opportunities in these highly regulated and interdisciplinary fields.  Taught by experienced Loyola professors, these 30-hour programs offer the community, the close personal relationships with faculty, and the opportunity to engage in skill-building and experiential learning that distinguish our J.D. program.  Students may complete the program in one calendar year - or take courses part-time over 2 years.  Scholarships and financial aid are available.

To learn more about the M.A. in Health Law & Administration, contact Professor Ann Koppel.

To learn more about the M.A. in Environmental Law, contact Professor Marianne Cufone.

Health Law and Administration

Required Core Courses

Introduction to U.S. Law (2 credits)
Administrative Law (3 credits)
Health Care Law I (3 credits)
Health Law II (3 credits)
Privacy and Security Law (3 credits)
Health Care Compliance (3 credits)

Elective Courses: Law

Mediation and Arbitration (3 credits)
Bioethics and the Law (3 hours)
Medical Malpractice (3 credits)
Elder and Disability Law (2 credits)
Environmental Justice (2 credits)
Intellectual Property (3 credits)
Business Organizations I (3 credits)
Negotiation: Health, Safety, and the Environment (2-3 credits)*
Legal Research (1, 2, or 3 credits)

Elective Courses: Non-Law (0-3 hours)

Organizational Behavior & Leadership (3 credits)
Strategic Communications (3 hours)
Operations & Process Management (3 hours)
Quality and Performance Excellence (3 hours)


Environmental Law

Required Courses:

Administrative Law (3 credits)
Introduction to U.S. Law (2 credits)
Environmental Law (3 credits)
Environmental Law and Policy Lab or skills-based alternative with approval of program chair/ Graduate Seminar in Health and Environmental Law (3 credits)

Elective Courses: Law (15-18 hours total)

Admiralty Seminar: Marine Pollution (3 credits)
Climate Change Law (3 credits)
Coastal Law in the Florida Keys (3 credits)
Construction Industry and Sustainability Seminar (2 credits)
Disaster and Policy Law (2 credits)
Energy Law and Policy (2 or 3 credits)
Environmental Enforcement and Compliance (2-3 credits)
Energy and the Environment in International Law (2 credits)
Environmental Law and Policy Lab (3 credits)
Environmental Law Seminar (2 credits) (may take more than one)
Environmental Justice (2 credits)
Environmental Litigation: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
Hot Topics in Environmental Law (3 credits)
Independent Study: Research and Writing (1-3 credits)
Introduction to American Indian Law: Overlapping Jurisdictions (3 credits)
Land Use Law (2 or 3 credits)
Legal Research (1, 2, or 3 credits)
Mediation and Arbitration (3 credits)
Natural Resources Law (3 credits)
Oil and Gas Law (3 credits)
Toxic Torts (2 or 3 credits)

Elective Courses: non-Law (0-3 hours total)

Christianity and the Environment (3 credits)
Conservation Biology (3 credits)
Environmental Communication (3 credits)
Environmental Ethics (3 credits)
Environmental Philosophy (3 credits)
Environmental Sociology (3 credits)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping (3 credits)
Global Environmental Crisis (3 credits)
Human Ecology (3 credits)
Literature and Environment (3 credits)
Mississippi River Delta Ecology (3 credits)
Spirituality of Nature Writers (3 credits)
Technology, Nature, and the West (3 credits)
Marine Biology and Conservation (3 credits)
Sociology of Disaster (3 credits)
World Religions and Ecology (3 credits)


* Application for ABA acquiescence pending

** Not all courses are offered in every calendar year.  Please contact the program directors with questions.