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The Loyola University New Orleans Journal of Public Interest Law is a scholarly journal published biannually by a student editorial board with faculty supervision. Founded as the Loyola Poverty Law Journal in the spring semester of 1995, the Journal was among the first devoted to the intersection of law and poverty. It initially concentrated on the legal issues faced by those unable to access legal representation, such as children, the indigent, and the elderly.

Today, the Journal publishes scholarly articles, practitioner articles, lectures, and student comments addressing a diverse range of national and international public interest legal issues. Recent publications have focused on topics such as refugee and asylum law, judicial ethics and social media, workplace justice, and arbitration agreements.  The Journal also has the honor of organizing and hosting a symposium each spring at Loyola University New Orleans. 

Journal of Public Interest Law Editorial Board 2019-20:

Editor in Chief: Margaret Hickey - mmhickey@my.loyno.edu 
Managing Editor: Tiyanna Lords - tdlords@my.loyno.edu
Managing Editor: Shanice Smith-Banks - szsmithb@my.loyno.edu 
Comment Editor: Trinity Goines - tcgoines@my.loyno.edu 
Article & Print Editor: Gretchen Liljeberg - geliljeb@my.loyno.edu
Symposium Editor: Kelly Gismondi - kagismon@my.loyno.edu

Faculty Advisor:
Professor Imre Szalai
E-mail: iszalai@loyno.edu

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The Loyola University New Orleans Journal of Public Interest Law organizes and hosts an annual spring symposium on a topic selected by the editorial board. The 2018 symposium was titled Champions for Justice: Celebrating the Lives and Legacies of Lolis Elie and Sam Dalton.

2018 Symposium Video:
Panel One - A March Toward Justice: The Legacy of Lolis Elie
Panel Two - Valiant Defender: The Legacy of Sam Dalton
Keynote Speech by Rev. Bentley Anderson, S.J.
Panel Three - A Conversation Between Moon Landrieu and Dr. Norman Francis

Past symposium topics include: "Hidden in Plain Sight: Defending the Rights of the Homeless"; "Prison Reform: Progress, Policies, and Practices;" "Narratives of Equality: Reflections on Equal Protection and Diversity;" "Prosecutorial Immunity: Deconstructing Connick vs. Thompson;" and "Federalism at Work: State Criminal Law, Noncitizens and Immigration Related Activity."

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