Loyola College of Law Named by National Jurist in Top 40 Law Schools for Placing Graduates in Small Law Firms

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law ranks among America’s top law schools in placing graduates in small law firms, according to a list compiled by National Jurist magazine.  Loyola placed 40th on their list, with 37.6% of Loyola’s 2014 Law School class landing jobs in small law firms.  A small law firm is defined as a practice with two to 100 attorneys.  Baylor University ranked first, 46.3% of their graduates heading to small firms.  Mike Stetz writes that placements in small firms might be more relevant in today’s world, given the shift in the legal market.  “Big Law — while it’s beginning to increase hiring — is still not hiring at the rate it did during the pre-recession years.  It probably never will, some argue.  Small Law, meanwhile, has seen growth since the recession.”