Louisiana Judicial District Courts

Field Placement Supervisor
Judges and Law Clerks of the Civil District Courts

Field Placement Office

  1. 24th Judicial District - 200 Derbigny StreetGretna, LA 70053  - (Some civil and criminal)

  2. Orleans Civil District Court - 421 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130 - (Strictly civil)

  3. 22nd Judicial District - 701 N. Columbia Street, Covington, LA 70433 (family, civil, criminal)  

  4. 40th Judicial District - Edgard, Louisiana 

Field Placement Website

  1. 24th Judicial District (Jefferson/Gretna)
  2. Orleans Civil District Court 
  3. 22nd Judicial District Court  (St. Tammany/Covington) 
  4. 40th Judicial District (Edgard Louisiana) 

Description of Field Work
This experience is an opportunity to observe many aspects of the trial court from motion practice, discovery disputes to jury trials. An extern placed at the trial court will observe court proceedings and see witness testimony, evidentiary rules, civil procedure, contracts, torts, and professional responsibility issues in context. The trial court docket includes a heavy caseload so the experience will vary depending upon what is set before the court. Externs are placed in one judicial chamber and will receive assignments from the judge or law clerks. Many times assignments include research and writing internal memos for the judge or drafting judicial orders. Students will understand how to read a docket, review pleadings, motions and orders.  In a trial court, the extern will assist the law clerk with case management, including settlement and status conferences with the parties. The extern may also assist the court with discovery disputes, pre-trial conferences and motions, in addition to involvement with non-jury and jury trials. Most district courts hear both civil and criminal matters; Orleans Civil District Court hears strictly civil matters. Students who are unsure what direction they would like to pursue in the law may find this experience very beneficial because there are many opportunities to observe various fields of practice.  

Externship Requirements
All interested students are encouraged to apply. 

Application Process

Interested students should contact Prof. Linares at halinare@loyno.edu to schedule an appointment. After speaking with Prof. Linares, students will be directed to fill out the Externship Application available at http://law.loyno.edu/externships. Once cleared by OSEL to apply, students will be given instructions on submitting application materials to the placement.

Loyola's application deadlines for each semester are posted on the homepage of the Externship Program website. However, students should apply early as students are accepted on a rolling basis and placements may be filled prior to the application deadline.


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