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LL.M. for U.S. J.D. Graduates Application Process

Application Requirements The LL.M. Program for U.S. J.D. Graduates is only open to students who will have completed a Juris Doctor degree in the United States before entering the College of Law (August for Fall semester students; January for Spring semester students).

(1) Complete a Juris Doctor degree at a law school in the United States. 

  • Students will have to provide an original copy of transcripts for the Juris Doctor degree. 

(2) Complete LL.M. Application

Students are encouraged to use our official LL.M. Program Application (PDF). We will waive the application fee on all paper applications received. 

  • The Fall priority application deadline is June 1, 2018; the Spring priority application deadline is October 1, 2018. 

(3) Submit Two Letters of Recommendation 

We require two original letters of recommendation from your law school professors, employers, supervisors, or other persons qualified to appraise your academic potential for graduate legal studies. At least one letter should come from a law school professor. If you have work experience, one letter should also come from a work supervisor. "To Whom It May Concern" letters (which tend to be very general), letters from family and friends, and letters from prominent persons who have not supervised your work are not helpful.
Letters of recommendation must be written by the recommender on official letterhead and addressed to the LL.M. Program Admissions Committee. If your recommenders are unable to print the letters on official letterhead, ask them to include an explanation as to why they are unable to do so. You must also include a work email address for each recommender on the online application form so we can contact her/him should we have questions about the letter or your candidacy. 

Letters of Recommendation may be emailed. Those who wish to submit the letters via mail may send both letters (in sealed envelopes with the recommender's signature across the back flap) to the following address:

LL.M. Programs
Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
7214 St. Charles Avenue, Box 901
New Orleans, LA 70118

(4) Submit a Current Curriculum Vitae

  • The CV should include all education, work, and volunteer information. Students may also include any publication information or professional or academic information they consider pertinent to the application. 

(5) Submit Official Transcripts from All Colleges, Universities, and Law Schools Attended 

  • Students will have to provide an original copy of all transcripts.