LL.M. Program in United States Law

A Message from Dean López:

Thank you for your interest in Loyola University New Orleans College of Law.

We are pleased to provide you a unique opportunity to study in Louisiana, the only U.S. state with a private law system based on the civil law. With the adoption of common law institutions and concepts, Louisiana is a “mixed jurisdiction.” At Loyola, you can learn both civil and common law, to give you a strategic advantage in your legal career.

You will enjoy Loyola’s global focus, drawing upon our students from many nations, our association with prestigious foreign law schools, and our location in New Orleans, a port city with a diverse cultural heritage.

We seek to provide you a high quality advanced legal education, in an enjoyable environment, as you prepare for a career in the globalized legal community. Our faculty and staff seek to assist you in achieving your academic, personal, and career goals, whether you wish to work in Louisiana, New York, or other states post-LL.M., or return to your home country or go to a 3rd country.

Loyola’s service philosophy is consistent with our Jesuit heritage, and we prioritize meeting reasonable expectations of our LL.M. students. As Dean, my door is always open to students. I believe LL.M. students should have ready access to all our faculty and staff.

I look forward to warmly welcoming you when you enroll at Loyola College of Law!

María Pabón López
Dean and Judge Adrian G. Duplantier
Distinguished Professor of Law

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