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LL.M. Program

We take your education personally.

Loyola offers tailored LL.M degree programs for lawyers trained abroad and U.S. law school graduates. 

Louisiana is one of only three mixed jurisdictions in North America and Loyola has a rich tradition in civil law and common law education. We rank among the very few law schools offering both coursework and certificates in common law and civil law. This will give you added flexibility in deciding where to practice—whether that is in Louisiana, elsewhere in the American Union, or abroad.

But while you are in school you will spend the year living in one of the most international and culturally diverse cities in the country: New Orleans

International Students

When you commit to earning your LL.M. degree, you deserve a school that will enrich and cultivate your experience. The LL.M. program at Loyola is designed to bring a personal approach to your studies. With a maximum of 10-20 students each year, our dedicated faculty and staff can devote all the time and attention you need to get the most out of your time at Loyola.

J.D. Graduates

You will have the opportunity work with our renowned faculty to develop a tailored program to fit your individual interests and goals. LL.M. candidates experience the richness of our J.D. Program—personal attention, a rigorous curriculum with the option of individualized study.

Joint J.D./LL.M. 

Beginning in 2020, Loyola students will have the option of completing a joint J.D./LL.M. in seven semesters.  Students must apply and be accepted into both programs by the beginning of their last semester in the J.D. program.  Scholarships and financial aid are available. The LL.M. is offered in three areas of concentration:  Environmental Law, Health Law & Administration, and Immigration Law.  To apply, please submit a statement of interest and one letter of recommendation from a Loyola professor via email to Tori Luwisch-deLaureal.  Scholarships and financial aid are available and will be awarded following acceptance. 

* 3Ls and 4Ls graduating in May 2020 must apply by January 17th to be eligible.  Joint degree students will complete their requirements for the J.D. in the spring semester and may sit for a bar examination in summer before returning to complete the LL.M. semester.

To learn more about the joint J.D./LL.M., please contact the director of each program:

Environmental Law:  Marianne Cufone

Health Law & Administration:  Ann Koppel

Immigration Law: Isabel Medina


If you have questions regarding the academics of our LL.M. programs please contact:

Markus G. Puder, Ph.D.
LL.M. Program Director
Phone: (504) 861-5642
Fax: (504) 861-5739

For applications please contact:

Tori Luwisch-deLaureal
Director of Law Records
Phone: (504) 861-5563


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