LL.M. for International Students Curriculum

Degree requirements

A total of 24 credit hours is required for this degree. It is anticipated that the degree will be completed in one academic year (two semesters), but students may take longer if they wish with the permission of the Director. For example, it may be possible to finish the few remaining hours in the summer following the academic year by taking summer courses either in New Orleans or one of several study-abroad programs.

The only specific required courses for this degree will be the three credit hours course in “Introduction to United States Law” and the two credit hours course in “Legal Research and Writing”.  There is also a separate research and writing requirement which may be fulfilled by taking a two credit hours law school seminar or a two credit hours independent legal research project under the supervision of a faculty member.  A LL.M. student may be able to substitute the two credit hours seminar by completing a more extensive thesis under faculty supervision for up to a total of six credit hours.  

The remaining credits of the twenty-four credit hours may be taken from among any other courses in the College of Law’s course catalog except courses that are associated with service on the school’s recognized law journals.   The candidate should have a coherent plan of electives and have the approval of the director for all elective courses.

Internship Credit

Up to four credit hours may be earned through a pass-fail internship with a law firm, court or government agency. The College of Law does not promise that an internship will be available to the potential LL.M. candidate, but will make best efforts to arrange one for interested candidates.

Completing a Thesis

If a candidate chooses to write a thesis this may be completed after the candidate’s one year period of residency on the Loyola campus, but the LL.M. degree will not be awarded until the thesis is satisfactorily completed.

Certificate in Civil Law Studies

Students who have their first degree in law from a common law country other than the United States may elect, as part of their required twenty four credit hours, to take a limited concentration in Civil Law courses offered at Loyola and receive a certificate in Civil Law Studies reflecting this concentration. The additional requirements for the certificate in Civil Law Studies are that the candidate take one of the following Civil Law courses in our curriculum: Civil Law Property or Civil Law Conventional Obligations plus one other Civil Law course, i.e., one of those designed "LCIV" in the Loyola College of Law Bulletin.