Alumni Services

Library Access: Loyola Law alumni are welcome to use the law library collection whenever it is open. Alumni may check out a study room except during Extended Finals Hours when group study rooms are for student use only. Use of the computer labs is not available to alumni as computer labs are restricted to current faculty, staff, and students. There is are two public access terminals available near the 2nd floor elevator.

Reference Services: Alumni are encouraged to take advantage of the Reference Librarians’ expertise by calling or stopping by the reference desk with research questions. Librarians can assist with formulating search strategy and finding relevant resources available in the library and online.

Borrowing Materials: Alumni may apply for a Loyola Law Alumni Library Card for no fee beginning January 1, 2015. The loan period and fine amounts for alumni borrowers are the same as those for students. Borrowers must agree to abide by all rules and regulations established by the library, must agree to pay for or replace any item issued to the borrower that is lost or damaged, and must agree to pay any and all overdue fines. The law library reserves the right to terminate the borrowing membership if the borrow does not abide by the rules and regulations established by the law library. Borrowers will receive a membership card. This card must be used to check-out books by alumni.

Online Databases: The library subscribes to numerous research databases which alumni are free to use while on campus. Examples of these on-campus use databases are: HeinOnline, Fastcase, and Ebsco Legal Source. Certain databases are not available to alumni such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, or BloombergBNA because of the use terms of the database contract.

Visiting Lawyers Room: Room 210 in the Law Library has been designated a “Visiting Lawyers Room”. This room is purposed with allowing attorneys an enclosed workspace while researching or writing in the law library. Additionally, attorneys may meet with clients in this room and a sign can be placed outside of the room requesting privacy with prior notice to the law library administration. For access to this room please acquire the key from the Circulation Desk on the first floor.

Printing and Photocopying in the Library: Alumni may use any of the Law Library’s photocopiers located in public areas. Copies are .05 a page which is charged via a “copy account”. Copy accounts may be established at the circulation desk.  Printing and use of computers in the computer labs are only for current students and faculty.

Network Access: Please connect to the network “Loyola-Net”.

E-mail: Access to an alumni’s Loyola New Orleans e-mail account extends in perpetuity if used. Accounts are only reclaimed if a significant amount of time passes without use of the e-mail function.