Student Admissions

What steps should a student take before applying? 

We encourage students to research the various clinical experiences offered and meet with clinical administration and faculty to discuss your interests.  Enroll in skill classes that will help with live-client representation, such as, client interviewing, trial skills, discovery, soft skills, litigation, research, writing and communication. 

When should I apply? 

Students must apply to the Law Clinic sometime in the Spring semester of their second year of law school. Every February, signs are posted and memos are sent out to all second-year law students calling for those interested in joining the Law Clinic to apply.  Because students are placed on a first come first serve basis, students are encouraged to apply early.

What is the commitment? 

Students may take clinic in the summer/fall/spring, summer/fall, or fall/spring. Students must participate in the clinic for at least two semesters.  From time to time, clinical courses may be offered for one semester.  Students should prepare for an exciting experience with the understanding you will be placed in a full immersion live-client clinic.  

Can I take Clinic for less than two semesters?

As a general rule, the Clinic requires a two-semester commitment. The following one-semester clinics are, however, available:

  • Criminal Defense (Fall Semester, Prof. Mitchell)
  • Community Justice (Spring Semester, Prof. Finger)
  • Prosecution (Fall or Spring, Prof. Quigley)

When will I be accepted? 

Because Law Clinic is one of the most popular enrollment options at Loyola, we encourage students to apply early. Clinic administration will let students know by April whether they are accepted to clinic. Once accepted, students must attend an orientation course in early or late summer in order to learn clinic office procedures, be sworn in, and receive their cases.  If accepted, students are presumed obligated to enroll in the course and complete two semesters, as placements are limited.