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Field of Practice: Technology and Legal Innovation

The Technology and Legal Innovation Section of the Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice explores the use of technology in the practice of law. Students in this clinic design and implement technology projects aimed at assisting legal practitioners and increasing access to justice. Students learn to write software code and work with data and then put these skills into practice to solve real-world legal problems. This is a one-semester clinic.

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The Technology and Legal Innovation section projects for the most recent year include:

  • Good Time Calculator
    Helps calculate diminution in sentence for good behavior for inmates sentenced under Louisiana law.
  • Multiple Bill Calculator
    Helps Louisiana lawyers quickly calculate minimum and maximum sentences under the state's Habitual Offender Law.
  • DocketMinder
    An application that monitors changes to the Orleans Criminal Court Docket Master and allows practitioners to stay informed about the latest activity in their cases.
  • LACrimBook
    Aims to replace West's big and expensive handbook of criminal laws with a free, digital alternative.
  • Huey
    Search engine and API for Louisiana Laws.