Incubator Program Application

Program Overview

The Incubator Program is open to Louisiana attorneys in 0-4 years of law practice in the Greater New Orleans community. The Incubator Program is an opportunity for Loyola Law School graduates who are engaged (or seek to be engaged) in a full-time, social justice oriented solo practice. Participants will receive instruction, case referrals, mentorship, peer feedback, and access to a wide variety of resources including office space. With a requirement that at least ¼ of time be spent on cases that fall into the “justice gap”, participants will accept pro bono referrals for individuals who are at or below 200% of the poverty line and will receive a $6,000.00 stipend to support the year of pro bono work. Admission to the Louisiana bar is a requirement of the Program although applications may be submitted before bar passage is confirmed for the July 2018 bar.

Please attach the following:
Describe your commitment to social justice and public interest and explain why you want to serve the low income and moderate means client community in the Greater New Orleans area. Page limit: 3 pages.
Explain why you want to be a solo practitioner and discuss ways that your experience in the legal profession (e.g., externship, internship, clinical program, paid work) influenced your decision to start your own practice. Page limit: 3 pages.
Explain how you expect to serve underrepresented moderate income individuals, build a sustainable law practice, and what delivery methods you plan to use (e.g., unbundling, sliding scale fee structures, etc.). Please include a list of any attorney mentors you have. Explain how you plan to bring in new cases to your solo practice in the practice area(s) of your choice. Page limit: 4 pages.