Juris Doctor / Master of Urban and Regional Planning

The Juris Doctor /Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) program is designed for those seeking professional training in planning cities and regions with specific emphasis given to their social, economic, environmental, political and physical aspects, as well as the interaction of these factors in addition to a law education.

The MURP Program is offered by the University of New Orleans (UNO) Department of Planning and Urban studies. The objective of the program is to prepare students to be planners in city, regional, state and federal planning agencies; private consulting firms and public service organizations; and other public or private institutions.

Applicants for this joint program must apply separately to the College of Law and University of New Orleans College of Urban and Public Affairs, and must be accepted individually to both. The schools together will determine whether the applicant is eligible for the combined program. 

Academic Requirements

Normal degree requirements of 90 semester hours (JD) and 45 credit hours, including a three- to six-hour thesis (MURP), are complemented and reduced to 81 semester hours (JD) and 36 credit hours (MURP), plus the thesis. Each program is thus reduced by nine semester hours as each accepts, as part of its requirements, nine semester hours from the other program.

Upon completion of the program, the student will be awarded two separate degrees. The requirements for both must be completed, however, before either degree can be awarded. A student will not be allowed to enroll in Loyola law school courses in Clinical Seminar, Legal Research or Independent Study.

Standards of excellence

The nine hours of credit earned at UNO in the MURP program will count toward the total earned hours at Loyola but will not affect the student's cumulative Loyola grade point average. No credit will be awarded for a course taken in the UNO/MURP program unless the grade is at least equal to a C+ on the Loyola grading scale. No credit will be accepted until a student has successfully completed the first year of study at Loyola with an average of 2.3 or better. The student must maintain an average of 3.0 or better in the MURP program.

Students failing to meet all of the requirements of the program are awarded either the Juris Doctor or Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree only if they fulfill the requirements for the individual degree as outlined in the College of Law or UNO graduate bulletin, respectively.

For more information on the Master of Urban and Regional Planning, please contact Dr. Marla Nelson, University of New Orleans, at mnelson@uno.edu or 504-580-3110.