January Skills Courses

SKR-01262816: Innovations and Technology in the Practice of Law

Tuesday and Thursday, January 26th and 28th (12:30pm – 2:00pm) (LS - 111)

Co-sponsored by the Loyola Law and Technology Journal

Most courtrooms are now equipped with interactive technology, and Judges are utilizing modern digital platforms for reviewing pleadings.  Some courts are now requiring hyperlinked documents within the Federal PACER system, and practitioners are trying to keep pace with these advanced digital filings.  The skills instructor will guide students through the modern use of technology, and its practical application. Students will learn how to create interactive documents, take full advantage of the courts’ e-Filing system, and also how to take technological control of the modern courtroom.

*This class satisfies the required Law Office Management and Professionalism skills course (applicable to the 2L class).