Inventory of Law Courses Conferring Skills Credit

Students earn skills credit upon successfully completing any of the following law courses. The course must be in a section taught by the designated professor in order for skills credit to be awarded. Unless otherwise noted, each course earns a single, general skills credit.



All other sections (Spring 2018 - present)

Course # Course Title Note
L817 Mediation & Arbitration  
L833 Street Law Spring 2018 - present
L851 Litigation and Law Practice Management Spring 2018 - present
L861 Pre-Trial Litigation Spring 2018 - present
L867 Business Planning  
L879 Admiralty Law Seminar: Practice & Procedure Spring 2018 - present
L880  Entepreneurship Spring 2018 - present
L885 Gender Law In Practice  
L895 Divorce & Family Mediation  
L897 Clinical Seminar 3 credits
L900 Academic Externship  
L905 Advanced Legal Writing Spring 2018 - present
L906 Advanced Legal Research Spring 2018 - present
L924  Human Rights Advocacy Project  
L928 International Dispute Resolution Spring 2018 - present
L933 Asylum and Refugee Law Spring 2018 - present
L961 Trial Advocacy Ciolino: all semesters                              Other sections: Spring 2018 - present
L976 Environmental Law & Policy Lab Spring 2018 - present
L977 Environmental Litigation: Theory & Practice Spring 2018 - present































Course # Course Title Professor
L823 First Amendment Medina
L832 Immigration & Citizenship Law Medina
L836 Real Estate Transactions Crusto
L861 Trial Practice Seminar Lecesne
L878 International Law Woods (through Spring 2018)
L886 Environmental Law Sem: Advocacy Project Cufone
L896 Professionalism Seminar: Basic Trans Drafting Lennox
L924 Human Rights Advocacy Project  Woods
LCIV-L707 Civil Law Property II  Davrados/Lovett (Fall 2016 - present)
LCIV-L715 Civil Law Successions Wallace (Fall 2016 - present);Varnado (Spring 2018 - present, Does not include when taught as online course)); Davrados (Fall 2018 - Present)
LCIV-L900 Civil Law of Persons Davrados (Summer 2016 - Present); Wallace; Varnado (Spring 2015 - present)
LCIV-L920 Civil Law Donations and Trust Wallace; Varnado (Spring 2018  - present)
LCOML-705 Common Law Property I Crusto (Spring 2019 - Present)
LCOML-715 Trusts & Estates Crusto (Fall 2018 - Present)





























*Note: Successful completion of L817 Mediation & Arbitration satisfies required skills competency (2) Negotiation.  Also, one semester of L897 Clinic Seminar earns 3 skills credits and satisfies required skills competencies (1) Client Interviewing; (3) Cultural competence and Interpersonal Skills and (4) Law office management and Professionalism.  A second semester of clinic earns an additional 3 skills credits and satisfies all four skills competency requirements.