Historical Scholarship Retention Data

Conditional scholarships are contingent upon a student’s academic performance as outlined in his or her scholarship letter. Recipients must adhere to the conditions upon the acceptance of his or her scholarship. Please refer to your award letter for the specific standards.


Scholarship Retention Data Worksheet    
Students Matriculating In # Entering w/ Conditional Scholarships # Whose Scholarships Have Since Been Reduced / Eliminated
Academic Year 2017: 177 92 16
Academic Year 2016: 172 89 12
Academic Year 2015: 153 93 20
Academic Year 2014: 139 117 14
Academic Year 2013: 240 116 22
Academic Year 2012: 237 91 20


Please be advised the figures above represent the population of scholarship recipients unable to meet the standards after one year of law school. This chart does not include the number of recipients who regained scholarships in future semesters.