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Externship Requirements and Expectations


Any student who has successfully completed the first year of law school is eligible to participate in a field placement program. Students must be in good academic standing and have a GPA of 2.0.  

Students enrolled in the externship program during the school year must complete the following requirements:

1. Field Work

Externs are expected to performa minimum of 60 hours in the Field Placement Office to earn one academic credit hour. Each semester externs may earn two credit hours by successfully completing 120 hours of work or three credit hours by successfully completing 180 hours of work. This time may include reflective journals, timesheets and class time. 

2. Time Sheets

Externs must keep their time in the proper format detailing their extern activity. Timesheets are uploaded to the TWEN page and the professor provides critiques how to keep time as an attorney.

3. Reflective Practice

One foundation to practice is routine reflection.  Externs are required to begin a weekly reflective practice through journaling about experiences from the externship.  Such insight allows the professor into the types of professional identity issues experienced by the extern.  

4. Evaluation

Externs develop individual learning goals to outline specific areas of development for the semester. The learning goals are developed over the course of the semester and the Final Assessment by the Field Placement Supervisor provides an evaluation of the student's development.  

5. Written Portfolio

All externs must write extensively in the context of the placement office.   Supervisors assign legal research and writing assignments which is required for the final written work product.  Externs should receive written or oral feedback from the Supervisor and professor. Externs shall submit a 25 page portfolio (for 2 credit hours) showcasing substantive legal analysis and practical drafting assignments. The portfolio may include multiple assignments.