December Skills Courses

SKL-121814: Community Police Mediation Training

Thursday, December 18th  (6:00p.m. to 8:30p.m.) LS-344

This is a skills class offered in conjunction with the Independent Police Monitor's office fostering police mediation training in an active role play scenario.  The course is limited to 20 students who may be given a role to play, such as a police officer or resident complainant in a mediation session.  Professional mediators who participate in police mediation program will provide specific guidance related to police mediation.  Students will learn skills such as active listening, managing differences, understanding facilitative and transformative mediation, recognizing the complexity in a mediation process. 


SKL-CLE-122014: Ethics and Professionalism

Saturday, December 20th  (9:00a.m. to 11:15a.m.) LS-111

This is a CLE course offered for local area attorneys.  Graciously, the CLE office has allowed students to attend this event as an opportunity to earn skill credit. We ask all students to respect the professional setting of CLE courses and come dressed in business casual attire. We also close enrollment three days before the event to ensure adequate time for the CLE office to prepare.

Ethics – Professor Ciolino will discuss new developments in ethics. 

Professionalism – Lawyers often say that clients are the bane of their existence. This talk will be about learning to think of your clients as people, as customers, and as opportunities for our own personal growth.