Converting Internships to Externships

Many times students will pursue an internship through Career Development or Gillis Long but wish to convert the opportunity to an academic experience.  An extern may not receive compensation while earning academic credit unless the payment is for reasonable expenses. Since Gillis Long and other internships at Loyola provide a stipend, students may not earn academic credit during the same semester they receive such a stipend; Some students however wish to convert the internship to an externship the following semester. Some internships are on the externship program's pre-approved list and therefore such opportunities easily convert to an academic experience. Other opportunities not on the pre-approved list require students to apply for a self-created externship opportunity. 

Students should remember three important aspects must exist for an externship opportunity:

  1. The placement must be a judicial, governmental, public interest or non-profit agency.  Currently, Loyola College of Law does not place students in a for-profit setting;

  2. An experienced attorney must be willing to oversee and mentor. Professor Brown will reach out and meet this attorney to ensure all academic requirements are agreeable;

  3. Last, the placement agency must agree and sign a memorandum of understanding before an extern is officially placed in the field office.

Notably, not all internships convert to an academic externship experience. Please meet with Prof. Linares early to discuss! 

Field Placement Supervisor
An experienced attorney willing to supervise and mentor. [In your application list the name, address, phone number and email contact of the attorney, so Prof. Linares may reach out. A judicial, government, public interest or non-profit agency.  Currently, Loyola College of Law does not place students in a for-profit setting.

Field Placement Website
Please list the placement website on your application.

Description of Field Work
The fieldwork should consist of substantive writing assignments, observation, practical drafting, legal research and other skills attorneys develop in practice. Students should be able to satisfy the writing requirement for the externship through substantive legal writing assignments. The work of each office differs and therefore flexibility in specific requirements for each extern's experience is important. Notably, some internships are observational and will not convert to an academic experience.

Externship Requirements
Students interested in converting an internship should apply at least one semester before the semester they wish to enroll.

Application Process

Apply in early and ensure all information is listed. See the above descriptions.

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