Christian Legal Society

Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a student-led group that works to deepen the spiritual and intellectual lives of its members. CLS works to integrate the profession and skills with the faith and supports each other in legal education. Loyola’s CLS chapter was established in 2003 but CLS is a national organization with chapters at many prestigious law schools encouraging an authentic Christian identity on campus.

The mission of CLS is to maintain a vibrant Christian Law Fellowship on Loyola’s campus which enables its members, individually and as a group, to love the Lord with their whole beings—hearts, minds, and souls—and to love their neighbors as themselves. (Mt. 22:37 – 40). CLS explores what it means to be a Christian in law and strives as a community to submit every aspect of one’s calling in the legal profession to the Lordship of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed. CLS does this by sponsoring speakers in politics, law and policy who live as Christian Witnesses in their profession. CLS also facilitates the networking of pro-life, pro-traditional family, and pro-religious liberties attorneys with students who wish to serve in these critical areas.

Contact Information

Organization Address: Campus Box 901
Campus mail: Campus Box 901