Chapter 6: Communication, Motions, and Professionalism

Rule 6.0: Communication

Students should communicate - both orally and in writing - with Skills instructors and the administration in a manner expected from a professional. All communication, including email should be thoughtful, well-researched and only sent after the student is familiar with the Local Rules.

Rule 6.1: Motions

Over the course of the semester, students may encounter an issue not covered by the Local Rules. Students are encouraged to begin the practice of asserting such needs in a motion form. All written motions will be considered by the Coordinator of Skills and then addressed by written order.

Rule 6.2: Professionalism

Students are expected to maintain professional decorum throughout a skills course. An instructor who deems a student’s behavior as unprofessional may assess a “DS” resulting in the student not earning Skills credit. Professional behavior includes attending to class on time, being attentive and respectful to the Skills instructor. Students are encouraged to be thankful and courteous to Skills instructors who volunteer their time to enrich our profession.

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