Chapter 5: Grading

Rule 5.0: Grading

Skills grades are separate and apart from academic grades, however, both are reflected on the official transcript. Students in skills courses are only given the following grades: “HS” – highly skilled “S” – Satisfactorily Skilled and “DS” - Deficiently Skilled.

A Pass/Fail grade is NOT permitted for skills courses.

Some courses will not be graded. 

Rule 5.1: Incomplete Grade

In some circumstances, an incomplete grade may be given in a course. A grade of “I”- Incomplete must be complete by the end of the subsequent academic term. Failure to do so will result in a grade of “DS” with no skills credit earned.

Rule 5.2: Assessment

Students shall be evaluated and assessed through practical drafting assignments or performance.

Some courses are not assessed and simply given credit for attendance. 

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