Chapter 3: Open and Rolling Enrollment, Registration, and Blackboard

Rule 3.0: Open and Rolling Enrollment

Throughout the semester, students are able to access via Blackboard an open and rolling registration process for skills courses.  Students may enroll at any time for skills courses via Blackboard under “Law Skills” courses. Enrollment closes twenty-four (24) hours before the course, unless otherwise provided. Once closed, students may attend but will not earn skills credit. Some courses are offered on a “first come first serve basis” and therefore enrollment may close due to capacity.

This enrollment process allows flexibility for students and provides more opportunities for skills credits. Students are responsible for ensuring they are enrolled in the Skills Course. Failure to properly enroll will likely result in not earning a skills credit. 

Rule 3.1: Registration

Once a student enrolls for a skills course via Blackboard, a student must still sign the “Official Attendance Registration” sheet to verify attendance. The Sheet is circulated at the beginning of the course.  For courses offered over two days, students must attend both sessions. If a student enrolls and then does not attend, a penalty may be assessed based on unprofessional behavior. 

Rule 3.2: Blackboard

All students must use Blackboard to enroll for skills courses.

Students are ultimately responsible for enrolling in the course and later signing the Official Attendance Registration for the course.

Some courses may require students to view materials on Blackboard before the course.  Other courses may require students to upload assignments via Blackboard. Students are responsible for understanding how Blackboard functions, and should contact Jon Galloway,, if any problems occur with the system. 

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