Chapter 1: Intent, Application, Revision

Rule 1.0: Intent

Similar to course policies published in syllabi, these Local Rules are intended to govern the interaction between the Skills instructors, students, and the administration to ensure the skills courses are administered in an efficient and effective manner.

The Rules are formatted in method similar to local rules found in practice in order to indoctrinate students into the skill of rule practice.

Rule 1.1: Application

The Local Rules shall apply to all Loyola law students enrolled in skill courses. All Loyola policies and procedures governing students enrolled in the College of Law are equally applicable to courses offered in the Skills Curriculum.

Rule 1.2: Effective

The 2013-2014 Local Rules are effective September 1, 2013.

Rule 1.3: Revision

These administrative Local Rules governing the skills curriculum may be revised or adopted by the Office of Skills and Experiential Learning.

Students, Skills faculty and faculty may through written proposal suggest revisions or changes to any rules by providing suggested language and reasons fo rthe needed revisions.

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