Books - Fall 2018

Please read all of the following carefully as the details are very important.

Steps to Purchase Books
1. Log into your LORA account
2. Underneath the Registration heading, select Student Schedule
3. Under Student Schedule, you will see: Course List (with syllabus) and Call Number (with book information).
4. Under the Call Number column, click "View Books". This button will direct you to the Loyola Barnes & Noble website. Here, you will find each textbook's title, author, ISBN, and whether the materials are required or recommended. 

Important Note: If you choose to purchase your books online through the Loyola University New Orleans Bookstore, DOUBLE CHECK that you are on the Barnes & Noble’s branded website. This summer, Barnes & Noble’s began managing Loyola's in-store and online bookstore operations. If you find yourself on a Follett website, it is expired. Since the bookstore is currently receiving inventory and stocking shelves, in store purchases and pick-up for online orders will be available beginning MONDAY, AUGUST 6.

Purchasing Books with Student Loans
If you need to finance book purchases with student loans, mark your calendar for Friday, August 10. Due to federal financial aid rules, August 10th is the first day Student Financial Services can begin processing these requests. This request will make $1000 of your loans accessible at the Loyola University Bookstore. Those funds are expected to become available in your accounts on Monday, August 13.


Lawyering I
All 1L students will be enrolled in Lawyering I prior to Orientation.

 All sections of Lawyering I will use the following materials:

1. The Bluebook:  A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015).  ISBN: 9780692400197.
2. Christine Coughlin, et al., A Lawyer Writes:  A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis (3d ed. 2018). ISBN: 9781531008765.
3. Mary Garvey Algero, Louisiana Legal Research (3d ed. 2017).  ISBN: 9781531007935.
4. Tracey McGaugh Norton, Interactive Citation Workbook for The Bluebook (2018 ed.).  ISBN: 9781522149880.

Important Notes About Lawyering I Books from Director of the Lawyering Program, Professor Emily Bishop:
1. Some 3Ls might try to sell old copies of a previous Lawyering textbook written by Helene Shapo; this textbook is no longer required for Lawyering I. 
2. The Bluebook, the ICW Workbook, and Louisiana Legal Research: you should purchase current editions of these books; you will encounter problems if you use old editions.
3. Bootleg Bluebooks: Last year multiple law schools were made aware that some third-party sellers were selling counterfeit versions of The Bluebook. From The Bluebook’s website: “We have received reports of counterfeit Bluebooks being sold on online marketplaces, including Amazon and Alibris. Many of these books contain significant errors and inconsistencies as compared to the authentic Bluebook. While there are legitimate third party sellers on these sites, we can only guarantee the authenticity of Bluebooks purchased through and retail bookstores.”

4. A Lawyer Writes:  2Ls might be selling an older (second) edition of the Coughlin textbook.  Although the changes from the second edition of Coughlin to the third are not radical, the pagination in the two editions is different, and some of the content has shifted to different chapters. The pages assigned for Lawyering I assignments will refer to the third edition only. Therefore, a student who purchases the second edition assumes the risk of errors from using the outdated edition.

Facebook Book Exchange
The Office of Law Admissions has created a Facebook Page for its students to donate, exchange, or sell books. This page is limited to Loyola University New Orleans College of Law students. Please note: this page was created for the convenience of its users. While the Office of Law Admissions moderates who is accepted in to the page, textbook sales are at the discretion of the buyer and seller. Always defer to your class syllabus, LORA, and the Book List hyperlink in LORA. If you have any questions about what is required for a particular class, contact your professor first.