Required Bar Exam Prep Form

Loyola offers extensive support to all graduates taking the Louisiana and other bar exams. To prepare our students for the Louisiana Bar Exam, professors will hold lectures as a supplement to the commercial bar preparation courses provided by BarBri and Kaplan. In conjunction with the lectures, all graduates will be enrolled in a Blackboard Bar Exam Preparation course that allows students to interact with Loyola faculty by asking questions about material on both the Louisiana and other bar exams. Graduates sitting for any bar exam other than Louisiana are encouraged to directly contact Professor Suzanne Scalise, Director of Bar Preparation at She will tailor any needed assistance to the specific state bar exam that will be taken. Even if you wait to take any bar exam and you need help in the future or want to connect to Loyola’s supplemental lectures in the future, please contact Professor Scalise. Loyola wants to keep you informed about all support that we offer now and will offer in the future. In order to do so, we require the most up-to-date contact information about each of you and therefore request the following information:

Contact Information
The address you will use after graduation. It can be a parent's address.
Bar Exam Prep
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