April Skills

SKL-040117: In House Counsel and Advising

(Saturday, April 1, 2017) (9:00am – 12:00pm) (LS - 111)

How can you bring an entrepreneurial mindset to your career, and why is that important?  What skills can a lawyer bring to the innovation function in a business?   What skills can you develop now that will help you advise on collaboration and partnering opportunities?  Attend this business meeting style session to discuss skills from leading meetings and problem solving to advising business colleagues on confidentiality, partner selection, and win/win negotiations for joint development and outsourcing.

SKR-040717: Negotiation

(Friday, April 7, 2017) (5:00pm-7:30pm) (LS 111)

This course is formatted in short three “one-hour instruction units”.  The first unit will introduce students to the chronology of a negotiation and basic terminology, such as agenda and priority setting.  The second unit you will hear instructors skilled in negotiation provide strategy tips on difficult negotiations.  The last unit provides simulation time where students will practice negotiation skills.  

*This course satisfies the required Negotiation skills course for all students who entered Fall 2014 and thereafter.