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Alcohol Policy

Loyola College of Law encourages responsible student gatherings. To this end, the alcohol policy below is designed to ensure students’ safety and well being. Additionally, as a professional school, Loyola is mindful of maintaining its excellent reputation in the New Orleans community. Accordingly, we expect law students to behave in a professionally responsible way at all school functions, on and off campus. We appreciate the students’ cooperation with and adherence to the following alcohol policy:

Off Campus Events with Alcohol

When SBA Funding Is Used For Alcohol Or To Cover The Cost Of The Venue:

  • A party is defined as any social function including 10 or more people which the organization sponsors on or off campus where alcohol is involved.
  • The sponsor assumes responsibility for proper planning of the event, the conduct/behavior of guests, and that all city, state and federal laws, and all university policies, as well as applicable national organizational policies and standards are upheld.
  • Alcohol cannot be explicitly implied in advertisements for the event. However, it should be made clear food and alternative beverages will be available. An open bar is permissible when the event lasts for two (2) hours only. If only beer and wine are served, the event can last for three (3) hours. In either case, distribution of alcohol must be stopped one hour prior to the written scheduled ending of the event. Beyond this, permission from the Dean is needed.

The following are required:

  • Non alcoholic beverages other than water must be available and equally prominent.
  • Substantive types of food must be available. (Not just snack foods).
  • No drinking games or “shots” are permitted.
  • Servers of alcohol must practice appropriate server intervention techniques with guests who appear intoxicated.
  • Distribution of alcohol should be stopped one hour prior to the written, scheduled ending time of the event. 

When SBA Funding Is Used For The Event Only For Food OR When No SBA Funding Is Used For The Event:

  • The Loyola event can last no more than two (2) hours, and it must be advertised stating the start and end times. And the only alcohol that can be served is wine and beer.  Beyond this, permission from the Dean is needed.