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Advantages of Our LL.M. Program for U.S. J.D. Graduates

What Makes Loyola Unique?

  • Study Civil Law in the Civil Code jurisdiction of Louisiana. 
  • Also study Common Law. 
  • Qualify to sit for the New York (common law), Louisiana (civil law) & other U.S. bar exams. 
  • Work with an individual faculty mentor assigned to you to help monitor your academic success.
  • Dedicated career services will help you achieve your career goals. 
  • Gain hands on legal experience in law clinics, with real live clients. 
  • Enjoy small, personalized legal research and writing classes. 
  • Undertake U.S. and overseas internships, special projects and public interest activities. 
  • Study in Loyola’s overseas summer programs. 
  • Take specialized elective courses. 
  • Join strong student organizations. 
  • Receive a 1st class U.S. legal education in a program dedicated to its LL.M. students.
  • Take complimentary skills courses to enhance your legal experience and knowledge.
  • Enjoy life in New Orleans!