Armstrong will join three other professors in a panel discussion on the best ways to teach scholarly writing

The book examines the roles of lawyers and government in disaster prevention, emergency response, victim compensation, insurance, and rebuilding strategies

Associate Professor Johanna Kalb moderated a panel discussion at a conference on the growing use of detention in the United States and around the world.  The April event at Yale Law School called “Detention on a Global Scale: Punishment and Beyond” was a Joint Bernstein Symposium and Liman Colloquium.  Kalb’s panel, Rights, Oversight, and Change, explored “the conditions of confinement and the roles played by “rights talk,” international law, and professional institutions.”

The interview is part of a series featuring law school deans from across the country

The Hydroponic and Aquaponic Task Force is tasked with exploring water cultivation practices and their alignment with USDA regulations

The IAALS has selected her course on Louisiana family law for inclusion in their Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers initiative

The article cites experts who fear an earthquake or violent Pacific superstorm could destroy Sacramento levees and spur a megaflood.

On the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, his book explores how state emergency laws impact constitutional civil liberties by examining the experiences of those whose civil liberties were infringed upon.

Mitchell F. Crusto facilitated a dialogue among Louisiana judges and lawyers on the status of substantive and procedural due process in Louisiana law, following the recent Louisiana Supreme Court decision on the mass termination of public school teachers and employees that occurred immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

M. Isabel Medina was recently interviewed by The Advocate for a story on the future of important same-sex topics in Louisiana. An expert in civil rights, constitutional law, and gender discrimination, Medina offered her thoughts on anti-discrimination laws and same-sex adoptions, among other topics. 


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