WWNO Story on Potential Coastal Erosion Litigation with Professor Robert Verchick Heard on NPR’s All Things Considered

Environmental Law Professor Robert Verchick was interviewed for a WWNO story heard nationally on the January 23rd edition of NPR’s All Things Considered.  The piece, titled To Fight Coastal Damage, Louisiana Parishes Pushed To Sue Energy Industry, details potential lawsuits against oil and gas companies for their role in Louisiana’s coastal erosion.  Oil companies dug small channels throughout the state’s marshy areas to get to their shallow water wells.  Decades later, many of these have eroded into open water.  Now Governor John Bel Edwards is urging parish leaders to sue oil and gas companies for that damage.

In the story, Professor Verchick says such suits could set a precedent. Many other states face problems like land loss and erosion.  "…they are struggling right now to find the money to address these issues," he says. "And so these lawsuits are going to occur whether our lawsuits in Louisiana go forward or not."