Trial Advocacy National Team Represents Loyola at the AAJ Competition in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Congratulations to the Trial Advocacy National Team who competed in the AAJ Competition this past weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, FL finishing 6th overall out of 16 teams, and missing the top four by only two votes. 

Brooke Michiels and Nina Turk advocated for the defense and Bobby Pardo and Melanie Cleveland advocated for the plaintiff.  The team was coached by Trial Advocacy Chief of Staff Joe Damrich and Assistant US Attorney Matthew Payne. 

The case was a products liability suit brought against a car company on behalf of a plaintiff who was struck by a vehicle while the driver was using a voice-to-text device. 

The team won two of their three rounds.  In the first round the defense won against The University of Miami, and in the second round the plaintiff defeated Mercer University.  The team lost to Florida State University in the third round in a close contest.  Florida State ended up being one of two teams in the finals.  Each member of the team received very high marks on at least one part of their case.

We are very proud of their achievements, and thankful for their contributions to the Loyola Law Trial Advocacy Program!