Spirit of St. Ignatius Award Recipient Kaitlin Locascio, J.D.'16, profiled by Louisiana Record

Kaitlin Locascio, this year’s recipient of the Spirit of St. Ignatius Award, was profiled by Louisiana Record.  The Spirit of St. Ignatius Award is presented to a law student who has achieved academic excellence and embodies Christian values in the Ignatian tradition, focused on the development of the whole person.

And at commencement ceremonies May 21, she was awarded the university’s Spirit of St. Ignatius Award and recognized as one of the its top students.

“Not only did she establish early on that she was gifted academically, but that she was willing to commit to the work," [Professor Isabel] Medina said. 

That’s why Medina nominated her for the prestigious award.

It was Medina’s integration law course where Locascio really started to look like a standout student.

The course involved working at a summer refugee program in Austin, Texas, where Loyola law students volunteered to help with refugees seeking asylum in the United States.

“I found she had this zeal for working on behalf of people who don’t have the resources to pay for legal services,” she said. “She was willing to do more than I ever expected. You give her something to do and she gets it done. She always rises to the task.”

Louisiana Record: Spirit of St. Ignatius bestowed on Loyola-New Orleans’ Locascio