Professor William Quigley Testifies Before New Orleans City Council on Municipal Cash Bond Reform

Professor William Quigley spoke in favor of municipal bond reform at a meeting of the New Orleans City Council’s Criminal Justice Committee.  The Council considered an ordinance that would have individuals accused of low-level municipal offenses released on their own recognizance, rather than being jailed if they cannot afford a bond.  Quigley fielded questions from council members about legal challenges to municipal bonds in other municipalities, and any public safety issues that could arise from minor offenders being released without seeing a judge first.

Following a lively debate, the Criminal Justice Committee deadlocked 2-to-2 on advancing the ordinance to the full Council.  However, Councilwoman Susan Guidry, who sponsored the proposed ordinance, said she plans to introduce a revised version in the future.

Video of the council meeting is available here.  Professor Quigley’s testimony begins at 1:18:10.