Professor Robert Verchick Quoted in Article on Supreme Court’s Recent EPA Ruling

Professor Robert Verchick was cited in a recent Environment & Energy Publishing article on the Supreme Court halting implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan.  The CPP is perhaps the EPA’s most ambitious effort to control greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act.  In the article titled Rule freezes 'part of the landscape' at EPA, Verchick said the EPA would do well to downplay the newness of the Clean Power Plan in public statements over the next several months.  "If I'm at EPA, I would want to make sure how I describe and discuss the Clean Power Plan regulations would be in a way that suggests or emphasizes the normalcy of what it is," Verchick said, "rather than emphasizing or suggesting that this is a blockbuster regulation that's going to change the course of the global economy or the course of climate change globally."