Professor Mitch Crusto to Give Talk on His New Book, Involuntary Heroes

Professor Mitchell F. Crusto will hold a talk on his new book entitled Involuntary Heroes: Hurricane Katrina's Impact on Civil Liberties.  The book details many of the injustices thousands suffered in the storm’s aftermath. The discussion is set for Thursday, October 29th at 6:10 PM in Sterling Law Building Room 121.

Following Katrina and an increasing number of emergencies throughout the country, including Hurricane Sandy, the Ferguson, Missouri, unrest, Crusto asserts there is a need to assess whether our civil liberties are protected in these circumstances. On the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, his book explores how state emergency laws impact constitutional civil liberties by examining the experiences of those whose civil liberties were infringed upon by the government and who ultimately received little to no redress in the judicial system for their suffering.

Crusto currently serves as Henry F. Bonura, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Law. His legal scholarship focuses on the inter-disciplinary intersections between law and society, especially business and the environment, the constitution and equality, insurance and fairness, and the law of sole proprietors and unconscious classism. 

Involuntary Heroes is published by Carolina Academic Press.