Professor Luz Molina’s Workplace Justice Project Receives $200,000 Grant

The Workplace Justice Project, under the direction of Professor Luz Molina, has been awarded a $200,000 grant from the Kellogg Foundation.  The WJP works to combat abuse of low-wage workers.  The grant supports the existing expanded educations opportunities available to Molina’s clinic students, and pay for the employment of a full time staff attorney, a Loyola law school graduate.  

On a not entirely unrelated note, Professor Molina was recently appointed by the President of the Louisiana Bar Association to the Access to Justice Commission.  The commission was created in conjunction with the Louisiana Supreme Court and the State Bar Association to continue to the work of the LSBA’s ATJ Policy Committee.  The new Commission will pursue a coordinated and systemic approach to ensuring public access to the legal system and “assure continuity of police and purpose in the collaboration between the private bar, the courts, and the civil justice community so as to further the goal of assuring that Louisianans, regardless of their economic circumstances, have access to equal justice under the law.”