Professor Denise Pilié Quoted by Times-Picayune in Story on Benson Family Dispute

The Times-Picayune called upon Professor Denise Pilié and her expertise in mediation for their recent story about the ongoing feud between Saints owner Tom Benson and his estranged daughter Renee Benson.  According to the paper, “Renee Benson is requesting her father be permanently removed as trustee over a trust fund that holds interests in Lone Star Capital Bank in central Texas, real estate and Benson car dealerships. Renee Benson is beneficiary of the trust. The two sides have agreed to mediation, which is confidential.”

Tom Benson does not wish to see his estranged relatives as part of the process, but Renee Benson's legal team argues that the 88-year-old must participate in person.  In the article, Professor Pilié says mediation is a flexible process, and Benson has the option to send a delegate, as long as the person has authority.  When someone is suing a big corporation like Apple, for example, CEO Tim Cook doesn't show up for mediation himself, she said.