Op-Ed by Professor Johanna Kalb Published by Time.com

Professor Johanna Kalb’s editorial, titled Chief Justice John Roberts Should Speak Out Against Trump's Judiciary Attacks, was published by Time.com.  In the op-ed, Professor Kalb and her co-author, Alicia Bannon, call on Chief Justice Roberts to use his platform as leader of the federal judiciary to speak out against attacks on judges and to remind the public of the importance of judicial independence to our democracy.  

Chief Justice Roberts should use his platform to respond to these recent attacks — not by commenting on the merits of any particular incident, but by drawing attention to the fact that such hyperbolic criticism threatens our system of co-equal branches of government.

Comments suggesting that judges are biased, or that the judiciary acts improperly when it rules the government has violated the law, put democracy at risk. At a moment when the judiciary is under assault, the Chief Justice should embrace his role as a “vigilant” defender of the courts — and respond.