Moot Court Program Selects Exceptional Oralist and Best Brief

On behalf of the entire Moot Court Staff, the Board would like to invite you to join us in congratulating the Finalists of the Intramural Competition as well as the Best Brief Award Winners:

  • J. Skelly Wright Award for Exceptional Oral Ability donated by Clarence J. Dubos awarded to Michael Foley
  • Edna S. Burkhalter Award for Outstanding Oral Ability donated by Peyton B. Burkhalter awarded to Kara Larson
  • Samuel R. Exnicios Award for 3rd Place Oralist donated by Val P. Exnicious awarded to Alison Busco
  • Samuel R. Exnicios Award for 4th Place Oralist donated by Val. P Exnicious awarded to Brittany Beckner
  • Best Brief awarded to Charlotte Discon
  • Runner-Up Best Brief awarded to Kara Larson

Each of the winners endured a rigorous Intramural Competition, and we are very excited for their success. All of the award winners will be honored at the Annual Moot Court Banquet this week.