Moot Court Board Announces 2011-12 Staff Members

Please join the entire Moot Court Board in congratulating and welcoming 28 new staff members to Moot Court.

The competition was extremely fierce this year and all of the 1Ls should be very proud of themselves, but the following students went above and beyond and delivered stellar arguments.

Congratulate these students when you see them as this was a very competitive process.

In no particular order:

Stephanie Beaugh
Atoyia Scott
Jay Mattappally
Stephanie Graf
Emily Ratner
Kelley Escobar
Skylar Barbosa
Paul Solouki
Alexandra Rossi
Maral Beyzaei
Peter Segrist
Mariana Palladino
Ugo Lord
Claire Tagini
Krystal Norton
Austin Dail
Katherine Cazayoux
John Pivach
Camille Bryant
Tu Hoang
Julie Ruggieri
Mirais Holden
Brendan Connick
Gerard Gaudet
Teva Sempel
Kaile LeBlanc
Austin Marks
Thomas Pressley.