María Pabón López Named to Lawyers of Color Magazine's 2015 Power List

Dean María Pabón López has been named to Lawyers of Color magazine's 2015 Power List. Now in its fourth year, the Power List is a comprehensive catalog of the nation’s most influential minority attorneys and non-minority legal diversity advocates, including corporate general counsel, law firm managing partners, law school deans, and the highest ranking government attorneys. Honorees were chosen to represent six regions throughout the Continental United States. 

Dean Lopez has dedicated much of her career to researching, teaching and practicing Immigration Law and issues related to diversity and gender, becoming a renowned expert in those fields. She has co-written a book titled Persistent Inequality: Contemporary Realities in the Education of Undocumented Latino/a Children, published journal articles in respected publications like the Harvard Latino Law Review and the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, and is regularly asked to present at academic and professional conferences. Always working to add to the research in these areas, Dean Lopez is currently examining U.S. and European immigration laws, the status of women lawyers in Louisiana, and diversity in the legal profession during the economic downturn.