Loyola's Student Bar Association Announces 2015-16 Executive Board, Representatives, Honor Board, and Cabinet

Please join us in congratulating the 2015-2016 SBA Executive Board, Representatives, Honor Board, and Cabinet:



SBA Executive Board

President: Deil LaLande
Vice President of Cabinet: Ivana Dillas
Vice President of Student Orgs/ABA Representative: Kyle Kennan
Treasurer: Alden Howard
Secretary: Lindsey Ajubita

3L Day Reps
Ginny Hines
Thomas Pronske

3L Evening Rep
Colleen Haley

2L Day Reps
Tessa Bitterman
Alexis Reaney

Honor Board

3L Day Reps
Alexander Licznerski
Brooke Michiels
Josh Sins

3L Evening Rep
Mallory Flynn

2L Day Reps
Brittany Caronia
Scott Hamilton
Lacey McCoy

2L Evening Rep
Brittany Odom


Special Events
Chairperson: Alexa Youssef
Committee Members: Christine Muller and Max Bonanno

Chairperson: Josh Stein
Committee Members: Sheri Corales and Jessica Barakat

Alumni Relations
Chairperson: Kristen Harris
Committee Member: Anne Wasson

Mardi Law
Chairperson:  Monica Delmonte
Committee Members: Lauren Whidden

Mission & Identity
Chairperson: Miranda Shaughnessy

Chairperson: Brittany Caronia
Committee Members: Leigh Anne Evensky

Community Outreach
Chairperson: Kristen Legendre

Green Initiative Chairperson
Chairperson: Nowal Jamhour

Academic Affairs / Career Development
Chairperson: Aimee Chalin
Committee Members: Randall Bunnell