Loyola Trial Advocacy Program Places 1st in Louisiana State Bar Association Competition

The Loyola Trial Advocacy Program received First Place in the Louisiana State Bar Association Competition this past weekend.

Team members include: Brooke Michiels, Nina Turk, Melanie Cleveland, and Bobby Pardo.

The team is coached by Joe Damrich and Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Payne. Brooke Michiels and Nina Turk advocated for the Defense with Bobby Pardo and Melanie Cleveland advocating for the Plaintiff. Each advocate also served as as a witness for the opposing side. The team won both rounds against LSU and Mississippi College.

The team will compete in the AAJ regional competition next week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Congratulations to the coaches and advocates who are the first Loyola team to win the LSBA competition in several years!