Law Professor Shepherds Lawyers from Law Practice to Academic Careers

Law Professor Mitch Crusto moderated and presented for the American Bar Association podcast on December 14, 2011, as part of an ABA online career consultation program. The program, entitled “Transitioning from Law Practice to the Academy,” informs practicing lawyers of career opportunities within the academy and explores the panelists’ personal experiences in transitioning from practice to teaching law. Two other professors, Amanda Foster and Jennifer Smith, participated in the podcast. Maurice Ruffin, Loyola Law alumnus (2003) and associate at Krebs, Farley & Pelleteri, PLLC, created, facilitated, and also participated in the program. Crusto described his path from law practice, formerly a corporate lawyer with Monsanto Corporation, a government executive, and an associate with Jones Walker law firm, to becoming a law professor. At Loyola College of Law, Crusto teaches the “Legal Profession” course which introduces the nature of law practice and explores its ethics issues. Relative to the transitioning from law practice program, Crusto noted that “the ABA program is invaluable as it provides practitioners career paths to law teaching and other careers in the academic community.”