Law Professor Proposes Changes to Congress and Publishes Article

Law Professor Mitchell Crusto has recently proposed to Congress The Anti-Racial Profiling Act of 2009, also referred to as "the Professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. Act.” Professor Crusto proposed the Act following the wrongful arrest of his former Yale classmate, Harvard Professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. Additionally, Professor Crusto plans to compose a law review article on the subject.

The Indiana Law Review has invited Law Professor Mitchell Crusto to join a number of high profile academics from Princeton, Ohio State, Indiana, and Iowa in submitting commentary on the upcoming publication of a provative article on affirmative action. The upcoming publication, entitled "Brillant Disguise: An Empirical Analysis of a Social Experiment Banning Affirmative Action" is written by Seattle University School of Law Profession Dr. Deirdre Bowen. In their letter of invitation, the Indiana Law Review stated, "[b]ased upon your credentials and previous research and writing experience, it certainly seems as if you would offer an informed and unique perspective on Dr. Bowen's findings."