Law Professor Mitch Crusto Presented at the 62nd Annual SEALS Meeting

Professor Mitch Crusto presented a talk entitled "Rising Tenure Standards," on a "Writing for Tenure" panel at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools' (SEALS) 62nd Annual Meeting, August 5, 2009. The panel included two distinguished law school deans, two recently tenured professors, one pre-tenured professor, and Crusto. The panel explored the issues untenured faculty face relative to scholarship requirement, what untenured faculty can do to clear the air relative to the unwritten rules, and what responsibility law administration has to clarify rules and their application to untenured faculty. Professor Crusto's presentation was researched and drafted by Loyola third year law student, Drew Sullivan. 

Professor Crusto also served at the meeting as a mentor to a New Scholar, California Western School of Law Assistant Professor Kenneth S. Klein, who presented a paper on the problems and solutions of the broken residential casualty insurance market.