Lacey Rochester Wins American College of Bankruptcy Award

Lacey Rochester, Loyola’s nominee for the Fifth Circuit Distinguished Bankruptcy Law Student, was selected as the winner of the award by the circuit council of the American College of Bankruptcy.  This award is a great honor for Lacey and for Loyola, considering the outstanding law schools and students in the Fifth Circuit that participated in the nomination process.  Only one student from each circuit was selected, and Lacey, as the Fifth Circuit winner, receives, among other things, an all-expense paid trip to the American College of Bankruptcy’s annual induction ceremony in Washington, D.C.  The induction ceremony and events take place at the U.S. Supreme Court in the Great Hall, and it will be presided over by the most distinguished bankruptcy practitioners and judges in the country.  I know that the American College of Bankruptcy’s recognition of Lacey’s hard work and scholarship will be an inspiration to future Loyola law students.