Kristy Brumfield Featured in Lawdragon Campus Student Limelight

Kristy Brumfield, a 2L civil division evening student, has recently been featured in a profile by Lawdragon campus, a legal media company which provides free online news and features to prospective and current law students and lawyers and firms.

In the limelight, Ms. Brumfield shares how she became interested in studying law and how she came to select Loyola as her law school of choice. "I chose Loyola because of its reputation. I’m referring to the fact that the legal community in New Orleans is very close-knit, and so many of the members of this community are Loyola graduates who have had extremely successful careers. I wanted to be a part of such a community for networking purposes and to make lifelong, collegial friendships. As important, Loyola Law had not only a terrific curriculum, with several proprietary offerings, but also a well-established evening program for part-time students. That has allowed me to care for my daughter and continue at Xavier teaching introductory biology for first years and a senior-level scientific literature course: basically, how to read research articles and appropriately critique the experimental methods that the scientists used."

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