David Gruning Publishes Updated Translation of the French Civil Code + Contributes Translations to Civil Code Dictionary

David Gruning, along with editors Alain Levasseur and John Randall Trahan of LSU Law Center, has recently published a primary translation and update of the French Civil Code. The work is now available on the Legifrance website. Gruning says that his new publication will, "open the civil law to a world that works and communicates in standard English, as a first or second language."

Gruning also contributed translations to another publication, the Dictionary of the Civil Code. The new book, published by LexisNexis, is the first English translation of Gérard Cornu’s groundbreaking Vocabulaire juridique. It introduces to readers, jurists or not, the essential concepts of the French Civil Code. Key to an understanding of the civil law through its terminology as translated and explained in English, the definitions are enriched with references made to the Civil Code of Louisiana.

David W. Gruning currently serves as William L. Crowe, Sr. Distinguished Professor of Law. He teaches private and commercial law, as well as constitutional law. He has written in several areas, including persons, family, torts, obligations, and legal history. His current research interests include recodification of law, in particular the law of sale, and the comparison of legal systems with roots in the continental civil law and the English common law, including their constitutional foundations.