Associate Professor John Blevins Files Amicus Brief in D.C. Circuit on Behalf of Prominent Internet Engineers and Computer Scientists

Associate Professor John Blevins recently filed an amicus brief on behalf of several of the nation’s leading Internet engineers and computer scientists in the case FCC v. Verizon before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The case involves a challenge to the FCC’s “open Internet” protections, which prevent Internet access providers from discriminating against traffic they transmit.

The brief includes early Internet pioneers such as Leonard Kleinrock, Craig Partridge, Scott Bradner and David Reed; Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak; and several of the nation’s leading computer scientists, including members of the National Academy of Engineering such as Nick McKeown and Scott Shenker. The brief provides an overview of the Internet itself and the architectural design principles that are the source of its ability to generate innovation, investment and economic growth. It argues that the court should uphold the FCC’s nondiscrimination rules because they help preserve these valuable architectural design features. A copy of the brief is available here.